12 Warning Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar cravings are a common trait in many people. We loved chocolates, gateaus, toffee and all sorts of sweets and when we were kids, the festive season meant we had a lot of sweets. However, when it comes to health, eating too much sugar is definitely not a good thing. We become aware of our sugar intake only after we are diagnosed with diabetes. But if you pay attention to these signs, you’ll know if you’re eating too much sugar and help control your sugar intake before you’re diagnosed with diabetes.

So check if these symptoms are showing up in your body and if so, take preventive measures to reduce your sugar intake.

1. Constant hunger

When sugar intake is high, you are always hungry. This prevents glucose from entering the cells when blood sugar levels rise. As a result, the body will not get enough energy and will constantly require food to meet this energy need.

2. Fatigue increases

If the body cannot properly absorb and store glucose due to high blood sugar levels, the body’s cells will not receive the fuel they need. So you’re annoying even when you’re not doing anything annoying.

3. Frequent urination

When blood sugar levels rise, your kidneys can’t reabsorb fluids. Therefore, your body will be in a constant struggle to balance the concentration of glucose in the blood and cells. As a result of this whole process, you have to urinate frequently.

4. Dry mouth and excessive thirst

When your body doesn’t have enough fluid, it constantly demands more, and as a result, you often feel extremely thirsty. This happens when the hypothalamus sends the corresponding signal to the brain.

5. Lose weight

Weight loss is a sure sign that your sugar intake is quite high. Low fluid levels in your body, frequent burning of fat, and excessive urination can lead to weight loss in the body, and if you notice that you are losing a lot of weight, it is best to see your doctor immediately.

6. Infectious diseases

Common infections that both men and women can experience due to high sugar consumption are urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections. However, this condition is more common in women.

7. Dry skin

There are various reasons why the skin becomes dry due to high consumption of sugar. Frequent urination leads to dehydration of the body, and due to atherosclerosis, problems with the skin of the legs occur. In addition, damaged nerves disrupt the sweat glands, making the skin thick and dry.

8. Difficulty concentrating

Difficulty concentrating

When sugar levels are high, you will have difficulty making decisions and thinking. This happens when glucose does not enter the brain cells.

9. Blurred vision

When your body becomes dehydrated, it affects the cells in your eyes, causing your vision to blur and focus.

10. Wounds and cuts heal slowly

High sugar levels can damage blood vessels and your wounds take a long time to heal because the body’s tissues are not getting enough nutrients.

11. Impotence

Excess blood sugar interferes with healthy embryos, making it difficult to maintain an erection.

12. Irritability

Studies show that people with high blood sugar are more anxious, depressed, and irritable. Constantly rising and falling glucose levels in the body are the result of mood swings.

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