Vaseline troll Expert Shares 40 Weird But Actually Brilliant Beauty Hacks That Seriously Work Wonders

The bathroom cabinet is home to all those forgotten lotions and potions. Sitting next to expired pills and rusty nail clippers, you’ll find a humble jar of jelly. A jar of jelly jelly is a staple in most households, but most of us seem to be underusing this “miracle jelly”. Vaseline can be put to so many good uses, not just on your body, but around the house as well.

Amazing Uses of Jelly (or Jelly):
For skin. Vaseline softens, softens, moisturizes, conditions, cleans, protects, and prevents chafing and chafing. It can be used on most parts of the body (but not all…see exceptions below). It also helps to heal and prevent diaper rash, protect pets’ paws, treat foot and diaper rash, and minor skin abrasions.
To make things shine. Shoes, wooden surfaces and leather will shine under a thin coating of petroleum jelly.
For hair. Vaseline helps to detangle hair, dye at home, care for eyebrows and eyelashes. Read how below.
To add a little oil. When something gets stuck (lids, rings, cabinet hinges, etc.), these things stick. It also protects against battery corrosion. See a longer list of recommendations below.
Removes oil, juice, wax and lipstick stains. With a dollop of petroleum jelly and a little elbow grease, you can clean up stubborn dirt.
To preserve perfume and fragrance. Apply a light jelly to seal in the fragrance.
Read on for the full list of ideas, hacks, recipes and tricks.

Use of diamond cosmetic jelly
Here are some creative ways to improve skin tone and save money on beauty products using petroleum jelly.

  1. Soften dry and cracked feet with jelly
    Vaseline works great as a home remedy for dry feet and cracked heels. For best results, wrap your feet in Vaseline and wear socks to help them absorb as much as possible. It can soothe, heal and protect your pet’s paws, especially during the winter.

Use jelly socks

Don’t use your best pair of socks for this job, as socks may never get back to their original shape even after washing them.

  1. Use as a night cream or moisturizer
    No, it won’t clog your pores. Because petroleum jelly has an oily consistency, you might think that applying it to your face will cause acne breakouts, but it doesn’t. Vaseline is non-comedogenic and can be used as a facial moisturizer. It doesn’t absorb easily and is great as a night cream to avoid looking weird on the way to work in the morning.
  2. Control unruly eyebrows
    For brows that need to be tamed or are particularly unruly, apply a small amount to each brow to keep them even. If you have it on hand, Carmex is great for the job (maybe even better).
  3. Highlight your cheeks
    Use Vaseline as an inexpensive cheek highlighter. Dab lightly for a glossy, dewy finish.
  4. Remove eyelash extension glue with jelly
    Avoid pulling on your real lashes, especially when trying to remove stubborn false lashes. Use petroleum jelly between your fingers and thumb to loosen the glue and gently rub the affected lash until the glue/false lash is removed.

Jelly for cuticles
Jelly for cuticles


  1. Cuticle condition and healing
    Are your hands feeling dry? Are your cuticles cracking? Apply Vaseline around your cut and gently rub it in to prevent pain and damage and help it heal.
  2. Avoid coloring your skin with hair dye
    To avoid staining your hairline and facial skin when coloring your hair, apply petroleum jelly on your forehead and avoid any drips of freshly dyed color on your forehead. However, be careful not to get anything in your hair, as this will prevent the dye from absorbing well.
  3. Do your own lip jelly treatment
    Vaseline works great on chapped lips. I used to take some from the family-sized pot and put it in a small container to keep in my bag. I learned this little trick from my mom who has been doing it for decades.

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Now, the company has its own lip balm-sized version of the jelly lip treatment. However, if you’re feeling frugal or want a jelly-based lip treatment, use jelly as a base and mix it with food coloring, Kool-Aid, essential oils, vitamin E, eye shadow, or old cream. Lipstick – be creative!

Make your own using Vaseline

If homemade body scrub. Mix 2 tablespoons of jelly with 1 tablespoon of rock or sea salt. Armed with a pop of color, refresh yourself with your own products, and your skin will be radiant and silky smooth.

  1. Keep eyelashes moist
    Try adding a little lash TLC as part of your daily beauty routine. Eyelash jelly isn’t something that immediately springs to mind, but applying a little to both lashes every night can help keep them soft and strong. Also, on days when you don’t want to use mascara, a little bit of this gloss makes your lashes look dewy (longer and darker).
  2. Stop getting skin blemishes
    Apply petroleum jelly to problem areas like ankles, behind the knees, and hands to prevent sunburn and fake orange spots that will tell you you’ve just tangoed. This will help you tan evenly.
  3. Extend the shelf life of perfume
    If you’re a bit sweaty Betty, the pleasant scent of an overpriced perfume might not last you all night, let alone travel. Before spritzing your perfume, apply a dab of Vaseline on your wrist to experience the age of your perfume.
  4. As a makeup remover
    Before rinsing, dip a cotton swab or Q-tip in the jelly to gently remove eye makeup. The jelly residue around the eyes will help to remove the makeup residue when you wash your face.

Use jelly to prevent lipstick from staining your teeth
Use jelly to prevent lipstick from staining your teeth


  1. Stop lipstick from getting on your teeth
    Before applying lipstick, apply a thin layer of jelly on your front teeth to avoid redness.
  2. Turn the eyeshadow into a cream shade
    Give your old eyeshadow a new lease of life by adding a dab of jelly to it and turning it into a delicious cream shade.
  3. Keep shampoo away from eyes
    To prevent tears in the shower, apply a thin layer of Vaseline above your eyebrows and run the water and soap bubbles down the side of your face, not into your eyes.
  4. Keep your elbows soft
    Vaseline on elbows is a tried-and-tested method for keeping dry patches of baby soft. When not wearing your favorite shirt, it gets greasy and stains.
  5. Hide split ends
    Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the cut you have allocated and keep it covered until your next cut. Remember, in this case, less is more.

Paint the nails clean with jelly
Paint the nails clean with jelly


  1. Paint your fingernails and toenails clean
    Before getting a manicure or pedicure, use a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean your cuticles with petroleum jelly. It hydrates the skin and will be very clean when applying nail polish, because the brush that appears on the edge of the nail is easily removed.
  2. Avoid struggling to open nail polish
    After you’re done with nail polish, apply jelly to the edges of your phone. This will make opening the bottle much easier the next time you use it. This goes for all jars with screw caps!

Practical and household use of jelly
Here are some other ways to use jelly around the house!

  1. Makes Halloween pumpkins look fresh
    Apply petroleum jelly to the cut or carved edges of your Halloween pumpkin to slow down rotting and keep your pumpkin looking clean for Halloween!
  2. Helps prevent battery corrosion
    Disconnect the car battery, clean it with a wire brush, then reconnect it, protect it from corrosion and coat it with petroleum jelly. Do this when the weather starts to deteriorate as winter sets in.

Vaseline helps prevent car battery corrosion
Vaseline helps prevent car battery corrosion


  1. Remove stuck items
    Vaseline is a very useful substance when something gets stuck quickly. For example, if the ring is stuck on the finger or the bracelet does not come off the wrist, adding petroleum jelly will make the surface smooth and slippery, which will ease the damage.
  2. Prevent paint splatter on windows
    An alternative to taping the window frame and painting it is for those of us who can’t paint very precisely, apply jelly around the window. Stains of paint that have fallen on the vaseline can be easily removed.
  3. Remove make-up stains on clothes with jelly
    To remove lipstick marks from clothing, apply petroleum jelly to the stain and machine wash as usual. Vaseline helps remove many greasy and waxy stains from fabric.
  4. Help put on earrings
    If it’s been a while since you last wore earrings and the holes won’t accept your jewelry, add a little petroleum jelly to the lobes to prevent too much discomfort.
  5. Vaseline is helpful for toilet problems
    Vaseline is suitable for people with bleeding or rectal fissures. In fact, it is an abdominal muscle

An olute that should always be ready and waiting near the toilet is essential. Rubbing the back a little will make for a slightly smoother running track for droppings. Although it won’t help with the pain, the jelly will make clenching your fists easier.

Leg jelly
Leg jelly


  1. Treat athlete’s foot
    Vaseline suffocates athlete’s foot. It is a humectant and creates a hydrophobic barrier that reduces the loss of water in the skin and prevents the growth of fungi from sweating.
  2. Prevents nose pain
    Apply Vaseline to your nostrils every few hours to keep your nose from getting red and sore when you have a cold.
  3. Protect and heal cuts and pastures
    When petroleum jelly was first discovered, miners used it to protect cuts, bruises, and grazes from infection and help them heal faster. Vaseline does not contain any antiseptics, but it will protect against dirt and germs for minor injuries.
  4. As an alternative to WD-40
    Are tight locks, jammed cabinets, and broken door hinges driving you crazy? If you can’t find WD-40, use petroleum jelly instead!
  5. Make a homemade cancer repellent
    Mix petroleum jelly with salt and rub it around the edges of your flower pot to protect it from slugs and snails.

Use jelly to make shoes shine
Use jelly to make shoes shine


  1. Budget shoes for the innovator
    A little goes a long way! Apply Vaseline to your leather shoes or even your handbag and gently rub it in for an affordable shine!
  2. Help prevent diaper rash
    Sudocrem is the most common diaper rash product, but if you run out or don’t have it on hand, jelly can work.
  3. Remove gum from hair
    If you or perhaps your kids have a clump of gum stuck in their hair, fix it by applying jelly on and around the gum. It can work on juices and other sticky things.
  4. Protects the skin from chafing and chafing during sports
    Because of its emollient and lubricating properties, petroleum jelly is an ideal lubricant for athletes, preventing skin irritation caused by friction during sports or physical activity.

Before exercise or physical activity, massage any area that may be subject to chafing or chafing, such as the groin, inner thighs, neck, breasts, armpits, ankles, and lower back.

  1. Jelly as a lubricant
    Vaseline can be used to lubricate almost anything, from broken hinges on cabinet doors to tight lids.

Can I use jelly as a sex oil?

I know it seems like it would go well with anything, but jelly should not be your go-to product in the bedroom. Why? This is because it can be too stimulating for bacteria, and there is a risk of infection. Plus, it will ruin the condom and make a real mess. It is better to use products intended for sexual intercourse.

Use Vaseline to soothe and protect chapped hands
Use Vaseline to soothe and protect chapped hands


  1. Soothes itchy scalp and chapped hands
    Massage into dry areas of your scalp to reduce itching and irritation. Apply to back of chapped hands to protect against cold and wind.
  2. Remove the candle wax
    Add some jelly to the edge of the drip candle, let it soak in for a moment or two, then wipe it off with a cloth.
  3. Repair small scratches and water marks on the wood
    To remove small scratches on the surface of the wood, coat it thoroughly with petroleum jelly, let it sit for 24 hours, then apply it to the wood and wipe off the excess.

Use jelly to remove traces of water
Use jelly to remove traces of water


  1. Prevents doors from sticking
    Cars or vans that aren’t used a lot or are exposed to freezing conditions are more likely to have jammed doors. Apply petroleum jelly around the rubber seal to prevent sticking. You can do this with a refrigerator or freezer seal.
  2. Restore old skin
    Vaseline does the job just as well, so there’s no need to invest in expensive skin repair products. Apply the jelly to your skin, massage it in and wipe off the excess and you’re good to go!

Is petroleum jelly really safe?
There is controversy about the use of petroleum jelly on the skin. Some people think it clogs pores and contains harmful chemicals. It’s true that raw jelly contains carcinogens before it’s refined, but the jelly is highly refined, triple-filtered, and claims to be free of any harmful chemicals. But beware of cheaper versions, as they may not be as sophisticated.

What is Vaseline?
In 1859, a 22-year-old British chemist in Pennsylvania, Robert Augustus Chesebrough, observed the amazing skin-healing properties of this natural byproduct while drilling for oil.
He became an int

Oilmen began to use petroleum jelly to heal wounds and burns and to generally purify the product.
This soon-to-be household staple was introduced in 1870 by Cheesebrough, after years of perfecting the extraction and refining process for what was known as the “Magnificent Jelly.” The name Vaseline appeared in 1872, and the name comes from the German word “wasser” for water and the Greek word “oleon” for oil.
By 1874, jelly beans were being sold across the United States at the rate of one jar per minute.

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