There is no doubt that one of the most attractive parts of a woman is the breast, and with the cuts we see today, it is one of the most visible genitalia.

Now some men hold their breasts like handlebars, forgetting that they are flesh and blood.

Things you should never do to your woman’s breasts:

  1. Never ignore them.
    Yes, it can be funny, but the first rule of love and breasts is that you must have sex with them. [Most] women love to touch their breasts, and it would be unfair to single out these twin vessels.
  2. Never hit them too hard.

A direct blow to the breast, like a man’s balloon, can cause severe pain in women, so avoid hitting it on purpose or accidentally.

  1. Never rub them as if checking for cancer.

Hehehehe…women like to touch their breasts, but it’s not like kneading bread.

  1. Never try to twist or turn your breasts as if you are wringing clothes or looking for a radio frequency.

Breasts seem to be flexible and responsible for twisting, but there is a limit of flexibility, and if it is violated, you begin to give severe pain to the owner of the breast.

  1. Never turn a pinch into an attack.
    Yes, it’s okay to pinch your breasts a little. But an over-the-shoulder handshake is the same attack as the breast. If you start pinching too hard, you’re looking for trouble.
  2. Never lick them like a child licks a plate after eating sweets.
    Licking is one of the ways to please a woman’s breasts. However, you have to be dignified when doing this, don’t pretend you’re trying to lick the paint off the porcelain.
  3. Never juggle them.
    If you want to get a job in the circus, go to the circus instead of practicing with those cute cuties. A woman’s breasts contain a lot of pleasure, and turning them around is not the way to release those pleasures.
  4. Never bite your breast.
    Well, some women like to rough it, but it’s your job to be gentle and gentle until the master of your breasts says otherwise. Your teeth can seriously damage that soft tissue!
  5. Never focus only on the nipple.
    Many men spend time licking, pinching, sucking, and turning their nipples, neglecting their main nipples.

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