If you suspect a problem with the tongue, the easiest thing you can do is to tape it and check the reflection in the mirror. If it is healthy, the tongue should be pink and have small nodules covering it. If it’s anything else, it may be time to seek Idaho Falls dental care, as it could be a sign of a larger oral health problem. Below are some of the common symptoms of tongue discolored health problems.

Your oral health
Your tongue allows you to taste different flavors and change the expressions you can think of. But did you know that your tongue plays an even more important role in your health? Some of the most common symptoms of your tongue may indicate that you have a deeper health problem.

White spots or coverings
A white coating or spot on the tongue is the result of overgrowth and swelling of the papillae that make up the surface of the tongue. The white color is caused by debris, dead cells, and other bacteria lodged between the swollen and often inflamed papillae.

Oral thrush
This is usually the result of an oral yeast infection. The disease usually affects the elderly and infants and manifests as white spots on the tongue and sometimes on the lips. People with diabetes are at risk for oral thrush.

It is characterized by the rapid growth of cells in the mouth, which leads to the formation of white spots on the inside of the mouth and tongue. Although it is not dangerous, leukoplakia can be a precursor of cancer, so if you witness the disease, you should see a doctor immediately.

Black and hairy tongue
Tongue papillae are similar to the hair on your head and will continue to grow throughout your life. There are times when they overgrow and become too long. This increases the risk of harboring bacteria in the mouth. Bacterial growth is characterized by excessively large papillae that appear hair-like and dark or black in color. The good news is that this disease is rare, and even if it does happen to someone, it’s not serious. People who are taking chemotherapy drugs or have diabetes are more likely to experience this condition.

Tongue sore or swollen
Tongue sores are the first symptom of a number of potentially life-threatening health problems. Some common reasons are:

This can happen when you accidentally bite your tongue while chewing or talking. You may experience a swollen or sore tongue until it fully heals.

Oral cancer
A sore that doesn’t go away after two weeks is likely to become cancerous. If this happens, you should see a doctor immediately. It should be noted that most of the symptoms of oral cancer are mild in the early stages, so you will not feel any pain.

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