4 Cyril Lignac Recipes That You Can Enjoy

4 Cyril Lignac Recipes That You Can Enjoy

If you have a good reason to eat pasta or pizza this Sunday, do not look for it. This is an opportunity to celebrate the International Day of Italian Food, which is celebrated on January 17, the day of the Catholic holiday, dedicated to. Sant Antonio Abate, the patron saint of animals, butchers և salami.

It: Italian dishes is an integral part of our daily lives, no matter what level we are at. To heal yourself, travel without moving from the sofa, forgetting about coronavirus, masks while enjoying Italian food or dessert, discover these 4 recipes. Kirill Linyak.

Traditional pizza և Bolognese sauceLearn how to make a Milanese escalope or even a panettone for a sweet and savory breakfast. You are the cooks, so have fun և enjoy International Italian Food Day.

1. Homemade soft pizza

The secret to making pizza is to make it the day before. To mix together Fresh yeast, salt, water and flour, knead the dough and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Remove the dough a quarter of an hour before rolling. On the same day, you can ask the baker for 200 g of bread dough to spread and make your own pizza. Put it on a round plate, which we will put on a hot plate.

Cyril Lignac loves his pizza with small cubes of Italian cheese like fontina, but you can Put navellochon, a little ricotta or tomato sauce on it. Bake in a very hot oven at 250 ° C with an inverted baking sheet that is already hot in the oven.

When you want to make a pizza with vegetables, he advises to cook them in advance, so that at the end of cooking you put them down, season them with a little lemon vinaigrette. Then add the grated parmesan.

2. Crispy Milanese cutlet

The meat is seasoned with salt and pepper before dipping in flour (which can be rice flour or any other flour in case of gluten intolerance). Then we dip everything in the beaten egg omelet և baking. It is simply possible buy ready-made bread crumbs or use soft bread which we will dry well beforehand to have a slightly sweeter side to which we can add a little parmesan powder to give more flavor.

The secret is: good Milanese cutlet
then comes. Before cooking the meat should be taken out so that it is at room temperature, heat the oil with a pinch of half-squeezed butter, possibly with garlic or thyme. The cutlet should be cooked on both sides և Be crunchy.

Nothing like that to accompany caprese saladtomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil or a plate of penne pasta with tomato sauce. And those who prefer the alliance between Italy and France can turn to Noirmoutier potatoes, which will do everything.

3. Bolognese sauce, full of flavor

The cook introduces you to his secrets to a successful Bolognese sauce (Illustration).

The cook introduces you to his secrets to a successful Bolognese sauce (Illustration).

Loan: Angel J. / Pexels:

The first secret to making a good homemade Bolognese sauce is this Take a good pot. Kirill Linyak
He chooses an iron pot in which he pours olive oil. He cuts the onion and turns it red inside. Then he adds: carrot և: Mushrooms in Paris ground. Then season with a little thyme, but we can add a sprig of laurel. Leave the caramel before adding the minced meat.

As for the meat, there are two solutions: either you buy minced beef, or you want it to be a little more delicate, you can mix two meats, veal and beef. This allows for a much smoother mix. The more fat, the softer the preparation. Then add garlic and basil.

We: then let the cooking cook for ten minutes so that the juice comes out of the meat so that it is less and evaporates. Then add red wine, tomato sauce and simmer. Chef Lignac likes that add Colonnata bacon It is Italian bacon, which has six months left to rest, which is very tasty.

4. Panetto for a good breakfast

We take a robot bowl with a hook and put it on 250 grams of flour, a pack of yeast
Baker – We will ask the baker for organic yeast. It is mixed with a little water to weaken it. Pour in the flour with the sugar, 120 grams of butter cut into small cubes, 4 eggs և: a pinch of salt. We knead, it makes us dough. We knead for 10 minutes, it must be very elastic so that it comes out of the hook. Then put in a warm place. It will grow like a brioche.

Panettons (illustration).

Panettons (illustration).

Loan by Astrid Staviartz / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images AFP

He once grew up well. It is “degassed” by hand. And there we add candied oranges, lemons, raisins, chocolate chips. Then we shape the ball, grease it with butter, cut it so that the small decoration sounds. Let it rise for a good hour, then bake in the oven. So there are two shots. It really needs to be well developed. It is incubated 10 minutes at 180 degrees to prepare the crust, then lower it 150 degrees for 40 minutes.

Then add a little butter, a little honey, keep in a small tea towel. You can put sugar on it and small pieces of sugar and eat it. It’s soft. You can spread it with jam, rather with apricot, or sprinkle a little cocoa. You can put nuts, that is, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts. Then you put in what you want and you adjust your way. To store it, put it in a small tea towel և outside, not in the refrigerator, especially not in the refrigerator.

Bonus with grated egg mascarpone

Usually we stop cooking boiled eggs with liquid cream. We can stop them with whipped cream then. add a teaspoon of mascarpone it makes them very creamy. It can be used to make pasta. We take jam, spread or praline, which we mix with mascarpone to get this paste, which goes inside the macaroni.

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