6 Tips to Know for a Successful Broth

6 Tips to Know for a Successful Broth

When the temperature drops or after a few exceedances, broth is a pleasure to invite to our menu. Vegetable, chicken, fish, pasta broth … Available according to your wish և season. But that’s it! A valuable basis for many recipes. It enhances the taste of the soup, cooks pasta risotto, sublimates the minestrone, proves that it is wise to extend the sauce, which is a little too thick, does not spoil the carcasses, vegetable peels. Not to mention its dietary benefits. What else? Some secrets to definitely succeed. In her book Bouillons gourmans (ed. Marabout), culinary author Keda Black shares many tips for having fun with these ancestral recipes and adapting classic recipes. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind before putting on an apron.

1) Water, the basis of broth.
Its quality is important, it is preferable to use filtered water or water in which you put a piece of coal for several hours to neutralize the chlorinated taste.

2) Antigaspi recipe, “plush” brothThe broth itself is a saving և anti-waste, as it is traditionally made with slightly damaged or dyed foods. To make a gesture, make a vegetable broth (organic, preferably fresh) to avoid throwing anything away. They are rich in flavor and nutrients. Carrot, celery, zucchini, pea pods, green bean tips, dill wood pieces or leek greens go well with it. The same goes for cauliflower or broccoli stalks. Wash them or pre-wash them well with a brush. This broth will be perfect for making pasta, making risotto with the same vegetables or pouring it into the minestrone.

3) To save Peston. One tablespoon of homemade pesto is used to wake up the insensitive broth. Mix a bunch of herbs with յուղ 1 tablespoon of olive oil seeds or oil seeds (pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios …). And a little salt, garlic or cheese. You just have to add it to your cooking.

4) fishing with spices և herbs ….
Who says that broth says herbs, spices, aromatic herbs to enhance the taste? Use a paper tea bag or cloth to get all these little people ready for you without filtering, so as not to forget any of them. You can easily remove it. Tie them for your herbs և other decorated bouquets.

5) Broth trick … served hot. The broth cools very quickly, they eat it boiled. Serve in bowls or soup plates that have been held just before boiling water; keep the broth on the fire until the last moment. Like in a restaurant.

6) And keep it. You can store your broth in the refrigerator for six months in containers suitable for your use. Do not forget to indicate the date of finding the containers. If you use glass containers, leave a small area as the volume of water increases as it cools. If you need a small amount of broth, freeze it in ice cubes.

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