Carrefour, Leclerc, U … soluble Asian soups have been recalled due to health risks

Carrefour, Leclerc, U … soluble Asian soups have been recalled due to health risks

Be careful if you buy these instant Asian noodles, which are available in large retail chains, carefully check their batch. The recalls are in progress.

Practical, quick-cooking, instant soups are a must in our closets. If you have a pantry, however, take the time to check their link, as several Aceook և noodle soups are currently being recalled.

What products are affected?

So that’s a question Several Aceook brand product links. Rappel Conso tweeted them this Thursday, December 2nd.

Therefore, these are the following products: “Hello cup-wok rice noodle with beef flavor և chicken flavor 76 grams for 12”, “Hello cup-wok” rice noodle with garlic ոխ onion flavor 76 grams, instant rice vermicelli 70 g Oh rice, instant noodle soup De Nhat, Oh Ricey 70 pho soup, Mi Lau Thai instant noodle soup, Haohao instant noodle soup, Oh Ricey instant fried rice noodle 77g և finally chicken և beef flavored pho soups.

What is the reason for the recall?

These products contain “2-chloroethanol concentration in one of the rules”. If you have a suitable product, do not use it և Bring this product back to the point of sale. In particular, the recalled soups exceed the allowed limits of pesticides.

It is a chemical compound expressed in the form of ethylene oxide, the presence of which in food is subject to the European framework.

What is this ingredient?

According to Phytocontrole, ethylene oxide is “a small molecule with fungicidal and biocidal properties.” It is a phytosanitary product classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic (reproxytic (CMR)) and is used to prevent its spread in many countries, including India, Canada and Australia. Presence of bacteria, yeasts and fungi during food transportation.

In September 2020, “Several EU member states reported ethylene oxide concentrations 100 times higher than the maximum residue limit (MRL) in sesame seeds,” according to the analysis laboratory website.

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