Cheap Startup Ideas – Marie Claire

Cheap Startup Ideas – Marie Claire

Eggs, vegetables, peas, lentils, smoked fish or flour … There are many products that should be emphasized if you want. buy cheap tickets.

Eggs for cheap snacks

Very cheap, this staple food is unique because it combines with almost everything է allows for many different preparations և textures. Grilled, soft or soft-boiled, it will shine և make the simplest raw or cooked vegetable salads more delicate due to its irresistibly delicious sweet heart. It can be made with fried eggs, some mushrooms, some cheese and fried bread sticks. Here is one original entry at a lower price !

You can also make French omelette with a few pieces of bacon, Italian vegetable frittata or Spanish tortilla with potatoes and onions. To make it more perfect, it turns into soufflés seasoned with minced cheese or vegetable puree. It is also the basis of many Simple ժ cheap snack recipes such as quiches, clafoutis ուս sauce flans.

Video – Pierre Hermès gourmet portrait.

Narrow budget for your entry. Bet on vegetables.

If you have a Limited budget for access, it is an occasion or never to separate vegetables, which, in addition, does not weigh much on the wallet. Any seasonal vegetables can be cooked in soup or velvet, which we will gladly accompany with French toast or bread croutons. Raw or cooked vegetables also allow you to make a variety of delicious, colorful salads. Grilled vegetables can be dipped in olive oil with mild spices for a nice selection of us. Cabbage salad or carpaccio with raisins and walnut oil can be made from root vegetables.

We do not think much about it, but very cheap vegetables such as onions or onions can be in the center. cheap snack recipes եղ delicious! What could be cheaper to gourmet than onion soup, candied onion cake or stuffed sweet onion? We need to think about impulses, which are very accessible. Lentils, peas, peas allow you to make delicious salads and soups without tightening the belt. Eventually, all the vegetables will easily turn into curds, cakes, spicy cakes, puff pastry and more.

Trick for cheap beginners. choose canned

To illuminate all your preparations you can: make cheap access – Choose a few simple ingredients that always bring a lot of flavor. On the main side, the main pieces of bacon add to any salad, crumb or soup. Think of Strasbourg sausages, chipolatas and merges sausages, which can be used in mixed salads or as a delicious puff pastry.

There are many options available on the seafront. Plain anchovies will add a lot of flavor to salads or savory pies, as in pissaladière niçoise, not to mention canned tuna. recipe idea for a limited budget – which provides him with innumerable preparations. Mackerel և sardines can be marinated, baked, fried, fried or grilled. They can also be used in smoked form, such as trout or trout.

On the other hand, canned vegetables are generally cheaper than fresh vegetables. They will allow the owner to prepare, for example, a salad, vegetable crumbs …

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