Cyril Lineak mentions (և tour) Italy with Ischia, his new address in Paris

Cyril Lineak mentions (և tour) Italy with Ischia, his new address in Paris

Cyril Linyak. “With Ischia, my new restaurant, I will now offer my vision of what I love about Italy.” B. Winkelmann

Elegant decor – real flavors with revised art. The most famous French chef opens an Italian table instead of his star restaurant Le Quinzieme. An address that already kicks us.

Cyril lignac is a tireless adventurer in the kitchen. Specifically for all kitchens! “Today I like to study recipes from different countries. It is very enriching. I did it at the Bar de Presse, giving my commentary on Japanese gastronomy, Իսկ Ischia with my new restaurant, I will now offer my vision for everything I am. love in Italy “. Something to whet your appetite. But before you sit down to eat, take time to admire the decor.

There is no folklore image in Ischia reminiscent of the legendary island in the Gulf of Naples, but an elegant atmosphere where ceramic tones and raw materials are blended by Studio KO, with whom Cyril Lignac has a long-standing relationship. The atmosphere is more reminiscent of Milanese restaurants than southern La Botte. Every detail is meticulous, with two large marble terracotta counters, walls covered with copper, blue mirrors, hangers painted with coffee grounds … The palette of warm colors matches the dishes, mostly handmade, signed by Guimards or Malo.

Every detail is meticulous, with two large marble terracotta counters, copper-plated walls, blue mirrors, and coffee grounds. B. Winkelmann

Everything is designed to make you feel good here for lunch or dinner, to taste a cocktail, to celebrate an event or just to have fun. There is nothing left of the former fifteenth, the chef’s star restaurant, which was once located at this address, which he chose to close after fifteen years of operation. Cyril Lignac flips through the page, a new, Mediterranean breeze blowing through these walls, but on a luxurious balcony, far from the view from which you can admire the André-Citroën balloon, which regularly rises in the sky.

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Ravioli, pizza, torellini

Set of frames, it’s time to eat. And the chef’s enthusiasm makes you want to browse the menu. “Historically, I have really had time to refine the menu, to take an interest in products, to scroll through them. Of course, I wanted to work with fresh pasta that we make on the spot. I especially like ravioli. They allow for incredible creativity. ” We will taste langustin ravioli with foie gras, but without hesitation we will taste narthex, spinach and pork stewed tortellini. “Obviously there will be pizzas,” says Cyril Lignac, but Roman, that is, with a very thin dough. Here, too, you can count on the chef’s taste to make them visit again. In addition to the classics like Margherita, there are more amazing specialties such as ham, button mushrooms and wasabi.

Citrus fruits, colorful vegetables, chubby burata, delicate meat և delicate fish լավագույն The best of the Italian terroir goes in the pan, to the rhythm of the wishes of Cyril Lignac, who does not forget the sweet touch. Finish the meal with tiramisu, limoncello baba with its praline-hazelnut whipped cream, pistachio honey with pistachios or a minute of turbinado ice cream with Piedmont hazelnuts. Farandol, who completes this journey on a dolce vita note.

Ischia, 14, rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris. Opening in early July. About 35 euros per person. Phone:


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