Diaspora.  integration through the cultural atmosphere of Orleans

Diaspora. integration through the cultural atmosphere of Orleans

Albino Mungindu at the Mont Flair Cafe in OrleansBecoming a popular destination for Orleans from other places, Congolese on both shores meet other Africans in Albino Mungindu. “Because the rediscovered pleasure of daily rest, due to the freedom to leave home, is the ideal place to relax and stay informed about the news of our compatriots.” trusts a wildlife designer accessible to everyone in Mont Fleury, a quarter of an hour from downtown Orleans.

He explained that in terms of time, multicolored attendance reveals creative cultural programming. From very early in the morning until noon the customers are the traditional cafes. The afternoon becomes a middle generation. In the evening, especially on weekends, it is quite festive with performances by music artists. “We had performances from both famous artists and those who are still aspiring.” he clarified.

For Albino Mungindu, the purpose of this parameter is to develop a model “Live together In the host city of Orléans ելու to distribute it և outside its borders throughout France; “Our integration involves introducing people to our gastronomy with dishes such as ‘Placali djoumblé sauce, mutton soup broth, choukouya, chikwangue goat, rib steak, boiled chicken’, all accompanied by Congo rumba music.”

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