Grana Padano PDO, Italian delicacies

Grana Padano PDO, Italian delicacies

Grana Padano PDO, Italian delicacies Grana Padano

The cornerstone of the Italian gastronomic heritage, the Grana Padano PDO, is produced and refined to the knowledge of its ancestors. Its grainy texture and intense flavor inspire gourmets. Demonstration with Danny Imbroise, one of the most Italian chefs in Paris.

In the heart of the Po field, in northern Italy, “Grana” cheese was born for the twelfth time.e: century. At the urging of the monks, who made it in large cauldrons, it first got its Latin name Caseus vetus, then “Grana”, referring to its compact և granular paste. It was not until 1954 that the Consortium was born, an organization that cared for its protection and promotion, that the delicious cheese was christened Grana Padano. This name, which corresponds to the PDO obtained in 1996, guarantees that the hard cheese is made exclusively from raw milk in Pianura Padana, Piedmont, mainly from Lombardy to Veneto. A big fan of Grana Padano, France imports about 243,000 wheels of this delicate fragrance every year.

Cheese with character, unique know-how

To get 1 kg of Grana Padano, you need 15 liters of milk, which is produced in PDO areas in the area of ​​the PO River Valley (Pianura Padana). Each wheel ages for at least nine to twenty-four months, during which time it acquires a color և more or less pronounced but never dizzy. During the nine-month aging period, strict checks are made to make sure that the cheese meets the AOP specifications և, therefore, it receives a fire signal.

Cheese with character, unique know-how Grana Padano

Grana Padano, which has matured for nine to sixteen months, has a smooth texture, straw-colored paste, while when it matures after sixteen months, its taste becomes stronger and the texture is already granular. Twenty months later, during which all wheels had to undergo a new series of rigorous tests to get the fire of the second Riserva brand, the Grana Padano Riserva reveals an intense flavor without losing its subtlety. Grana Padano PDO grated, sliced ​​or included in risotto, pasta or vegetable pie recipes also has many nutritional benefits. Free of lactose due to its aging process, it is rich in protein (33 g per 100 g of cheese), calcium (600 mg per 50 g of Grana Padano) ամին vitamins A և B12 for the nervous system:. Immunity. !

Danny Imbrose, Ambassador of Grana Padano

The ambassador of Italian cuisine և Grana Padano avid lover from childhood, chef Danny Imbroise, sublimates it in the dishes prepared in his three Parisian establishments – IDA, Epoca և Malro.

Chef Danny Imbrose, Ambassador of Grana Padano Grana Padano

“Grana Padano is a product I have always used since I came from Lombardy, the region where it is made. I won a culinary competition in Milan when my collaboration started. It is because of his family spirit that I am proud to support Grana Padano, who is a symbol of quality and excellence. ”, explains the cook. At the Paris Taste Festival, held in Paris from May 12 to 15, 2022, he offered a recipe for rigio caciopepe with truffles with Grana Padano Riserva. “I use Grana Padano cheese because it goes well with any type of appetizer, such as vitello tonnato or carpaccios, but it’s suitable as a main course և dessert. » You read that right for dessert! Moreover, in 2014, Danny Imbroys won the Taglio Sartoriale competition in Milan with a Grana Padano ice cream recipe.

Watch the video: Built-in camera, which leads to the taste of Paris lounge, a real cathedral of gastronomy. Darbley from the Philippines goes to meet Danny Imbrosi, the most Italian chef in Paris, to help us discover the secrets and treasures of Grana Padano AOP.


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