Here are 6 amazing recipe ideas to make.

Here are 6 amazing recipe ideas to make.

Before that we had never managed to make perfect sushi rice. And that’s why we thought it was rice cooker, was a good investment. And then it met the same fate as the popcorn ոթ hot dog device. on top of the cupboard! Because rice, even perfectly cooked, is boring … And to think that we foolishly thought that rice cookerit was only for making rice.

A little history before going into more detail. This: In Japan in the 1950s, that the first consumer rice pots were sold. At that time, women came to the labor market en masse. It: Japanese Consuming rice from morning till night, the device quickly finds its audience. Then it is improved by multiplying the cooking programs and functions (temperature regulation, steam boiler, etc.).

Rice cooker. How does it work?

In our country, basic rice cookers (only “cook” և “keep hot” functions) are the most common. Offered at the entry level for about twenty euros, they haveThe average capacity is 1.5 liters. It is enough to distinguish the preparatory work. We practically put the grains in the tank, the right volume of water, close it, start the rice cooker and wander quietly. The appliance switches off automatically as soon as the rice is cooked.

It has a basic rice cooker removable non-stick pan mounted above the thermostat-related resistor. When the rice cooker is switched on (“cooking” mode), the temperature rises until the water boils. It evaporates and falls back into the tank with the lid closed. The temperature is regulated. When all the liquid is absorbed by the rice, no more steam is produced, the temperature in the bowl rises. The thermostat then switches to “keep warm” mode (about 65 ° C). To prolong cooking, just open the lid of the rice cooker և start a new cycle. Then you can make tortilla, compote, porridge even cakes !

Wrong way to cook rice.

It is the thermostat that determines the cooking time, we do not start the timer. Location: the ability to measure water correctly As soon as it is not enough, the temperature in the tank rises, forcing the thermostat to “jump” to “keep warm” mode, like an electrical resistor. So you can skip cooking your rice if, for example, you add a lot of water. The latter will take longer to be completely absorbed by the rice, and the temperature in Baku will rise later. The result is overcooked rice. Some models have several cooking modes (rice, porridge…). It is easier to play indirectly on the line (switching on the thermostat to keep warm at different temperature levels).

Rice cooker. How to cook different types of rice?

Long grain rice. 1 piece of rice for 2 pieces of water.
This rice. 1 volume of rice (well rinsed) for 1 3/4 volume of water or broth.
Sushi rice. 1 piece of long flooded sushi rice for 1 volume of water. When the rice is cooked, let the rice rest for 10 minutes in a closed rice cooker before seasoning (4 cl white rice vinegar + 25 g sugar + 3 g salt for 350 g rice).
Quinoa. 1 quinoa for 2 pieces of water or broth.
Wheat grain, bulgur or pre-cooked wheat. 1 grain for 1 water + 1 drop of olive oil.
Boiled green lentils.1 piece of lentils for 2 pieces of broth + 1 piece of tomato sauce և herbs.

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