How to lose weight after illness?

How to lose weight after illness?

Sometimes the disease is so smooth that the body retains its reserves, which leads to weight loss. To lose weight, you need to follow a high-calorie diet. How? What foods? The answers of nutritionist Florence Foucault.

What is a high calorie diet?

If you do not reach a healthy weight, after a significant loss of weight caused by the disease (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.), other health problems may occur: chronic fatigue, hair loss, osteoporosis, etc., it is necessary Eat a high-calorie diet. «It consists of increasing your calorie intake throughout the day 500 kcal in addition to your usual intakeexplains Florence Foucault. This will lead to an average weight gain of about 500 g per week. ”

It is desirable to keep Regular rhythm: 3 meals a daywithout letting anyone go add a snack in the morning: in the afternoon, depending on your appetite. Example of comparison.

  • A handful oily fruit
  • A bowl cereals with whole milk ր sweetened with honey
  • a chicken sandwich with mayonnaise
  • Starting to bake bread peanut butter

Which foods to prefer?

However, you should not fall into an anarchic diet that consists only of sweets or fatty and salty foods. Whether they are not banned or not, on the contrary, they allow you to enrich your diet (provided you have no medical contraindications), but you should give preference to certain foods. «This is with them high energy densityhow oily fruit (almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios, peanuts), dried fruits (dates, apricots, figs, etc.) dairy such as cheese, cream, whole milk և Greek yogurt, some fresh fruits such as bananas, avocados, cherries, grapes, like vegetables sweet potatoes, parsley… », advises Florence Foucaut. Give preference to him! protein, a macroelement that is involved in maintaining muscle mass. Include in your menu once or twice a day meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or vegetable proteins Available in cereals (lentils, peas, beans, peas, etc.). Different cooking methods, preparation so that you do not get bored. Finally, Think about enriching your diet This allows you to increase the caloric content of the food և protein intake without increasing the amount. «You can, for example, add to the puree milk powder, grated cheese, a drop of oil on pasta, vegetables or fish dishes, add diced avocado cheese to salads, sprinkle parmesan soup, vegetables, rice, pasta, your pasta, Drink fruit juices և nectars, finish the meal with egg cream dessert, combine chestnut cream with cottage cheese… “, – suggests the nutritionist.

What foods to avoid?

Limit low-energy foods low-fat foods (0% yogurts, fresh cream 4%, 12% or 15% fat, low-fat cheese, compotes without added sugar, etc.), skim milk products, etc.

It is not necessarily easy to increase your intake when you have a lack of appetite. There are some tips to achieve this.
Ակտ Practice a Moderate physical activity It is a good option – walking, strengthening exercises at home, swimming, etc. : Start slowly if you have not been playing sports for a long time.
Ա Do it beautiful performance so that you want to immerse yourself in the dish again.
► Usage: large plate The part will look smaller visually և will not scare.

Thanks to nutritionist Florence Foucault.

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