Inexpensive salad recipe ideas

Inexpensive salad recipe ideas

Save money on cooking all summer long cheaper salads ! When prepared in advance, they will be enjoyed with your grilled meats at a seafood lunch or light dinner. Here are our recipes to avoid spending too much.

Pasta salad – the most economical

If you have leftover pasta in your fridge, do not waste it. Give them a second life by revisiting the mixed salad. For small budgetsAdd canned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, ham, raw vegetables or even ratatouille.

Choose cheap ingredients for your homemade salads

To diversify your recipes cheap saladsYou can also bet on other bases, such as cereals, or even cook only raw vegetables, such as carrots or even cucumbers, which will add a lot of freshness to your compositions. Try cooking green beans in a salad with a little garlic – what you need. Get inspired by, for example, Niçoise salad. You can stay in the classics by processing the potatoes by mixing them with plain vinaigrette, mayonnaise sauce or even green salad. For the composer, your allies will be leeks, lentils or even red cabbage. cheap salads.

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