Italian Antipasto Recipes – Marie Claire

Italian Antipasto Recipes – Marie Claire

Preparations based on vegetables, cold dishes ծ seafood flooded with olive oil, aromatic herbs և spices, Countermeasures It can be a light meal on its own or a complete aperitif.

Come on, vegetable counter

The world-famous Italian cuisine is full of olive oil and vegetables. “Antipastine”, which means “before dinner” in Italian, is a symbol of this Mediterranean cuisine in the same way as taps In Spain or: us in Eastern countries. During the aperitif, Italian antipasti allows you to easily enjoy seasonal vegetables. Raw, dried, stuffed, cooked or grilled in the oven, southern vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, lead, artichoke hearts, olives and peppers are simply marinated for a few hours in a bath seasoned with olive oil. In the case of stuffed products, the principle is the same, but the stuffing should be added during cooking. Antipasti can also be prepared in advance, kept in jars, waiting for the next one appetizer.

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With antipasti flour և local seafood

Whether it is a vegetable, meat or seafood counterpart, olive oil is a staple of the recipe, so it is important to choose wisely. Bread, which is very popular in Italy, should also be carefully selected for quality dishes. Indeed, most of the time antipasti boasts many local specialties, such as copa, pancetta, salami, bresaola, soppressata … Shrimp, squid and anchovies are most often offered as aperitifs on the beach. but each region has its own uniqueness – with over 500 recipes across the country, enough to differentiate the counterpart to your liking.

A typical Italian aperitif at home

For a complete aperitif in Italian colors, the antipasto is accompanied by crostini ուս bruschetta, not forgetting the grains that are always around the Italian table. After serving the small dishes, all you have to do is taste them with a glass of Spritz, lemonade or white wine, such as Pouilly fumé or Chinon, and for red lovers, Bardolino or Sangiovese di Romagna.

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