Italian Cooking Recipes – Marie Claire

Italian Cooking Recipes – Marie Claire

It will be impossible to quote everyone Italian specialties They are so many, but they all have their generosity. Sharing gastronomy, i Italian dishes is one of the most famous.

Italian appetizers that highlight local produce

Antipastin, which in French is literally “before the pasta”, is served as an aperitif or appetizer. They are a range of local products. vegetables soaked in olive oil, marinated fish և seafood, local flour և cheeses such as parma ham’s mozzarella, for example. They can be served on toast for delicious bruschettas.

It: Italian gastronomy It also includes many soups, the most famous of which is minestrone. Made from a varied mix of diced seasonal vegetables, small pasta or rice, it is often served with traditional basil pesto sauce, grated parmesan. You can also tempt yourself with a delicious eggplant or zucchini gratin “a la parmigiana”, where the vegetables are stuffed with tomato paste and parmesan.

Finally, discover the vitello tonnato recipeItalian entrance Cold, often tasted in summer, made from marinated veal pieces, fried, then served with tuna, egg-lead-based sauce.

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Italian dishes: pasta, pizza, but not only.

When we talk Italian recipeswe immediately think of the essential Pasta:, The most famous dish of Italy. There are innumerable species և varieties of all sizes և eggs – long, like spaghetti, short, like pasta shells, stuffed like tortellini or ravioli, potato-based, like gnocchi, sheets like lasagna… They can serve as a side dish. with stewed meat sauce like traditional bolognese or be the stars of the dish. Then they will be accompanied by tomato sauce, vegetable sauce, herbal sauce such as pesto or even cream-cheese sauce. Note that Italians eat pasta (primo piatto) as their first dish.

It is equally possible that pizza they also come in a thousand ways. From a kind of bread covered with tomato sauce or cream, garnished with cheese, ham, mushrooms, vegetables, olives, etc. The Italian favorite, however, is much simpler: tomato sauce, mozzarella basil. This is the famous Margarita.

We must not forget him. ” risotto It is made with butter, round rice fried with onions, glazed in wine, then cooked with aromatic broth, often served with parmesan cheese. There are also many options: you can add mushrooms, vegetables, seafood, shellfish, fish, meat or poultry.

list: Typical dishes of Italian gastronomy it’s still too long. In the case of meat we can give the example of osso-bucco, veal saltimbocca where: Milanese cutlets.

Finish the meal with a gently creamy Italian dessert

It: Italian dessert We should not ignore when it comes to gluttony. The Italians are the kings of ice cream, so called jelly. They are characterized by a very creamy texture են infinitely declining.

Another monument of gastronomy is the unsurpassed tiramisu. This filling is made from the base of a cookie, which is dipped in coffee և marsala, then covered with frothy mascarpone cream, egg yolks, sugar, hard egg white, which ends with a cocoa gauze.

It should also be noted the famous panna cotta, literally “boiled cream”, which is made from liquid cream, which is often seasoned with vanilla, slowly cooked with sugar. Then it is made with gelatin, it is often accompanied by red fruits, but here again there are many options.

We will celebrate Christmas panettone:, a large brooch with raisins and candied fruits. Let yourself be tempted by the taste of tea channels: which are a kind of dough rolls filled with sweet ricotta.

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