Italy.  The taste of the peninsula with 11 recipes

Italy. The taste of the peninsula with 11 recipes

From one dish to another, tomatoes are almost everywhere, light crunchy pizza dough, panel: (pea fritters) և Homemade sausage with a delicious aroma, Nebrodi’s pork cheek – delicate եղ delicious. We leave the table with a piece of Italy in our mouths … on the corner of Mozart Avenue-George-Sand Street.

Pane e Olio is the corner of Sicily in the 16th arrondissement, երրորդ Giuseppe Messina’s third restaurant in the capital. The chef enjoys the neighborhood, which has a very family atmosphere and streets lined with churches, reminding him of his homeland. He simply says about the origin of his culinary profession that he fell into the pot as a child. Pasta:. For these pure Sicilians, originally from Cefalù, a seaside resort in the north of the island, cooking is a family affair. The obsession of the whole family to listen to Giuseppe Messina awakens the giant dinners that shook his childhood.

“Every Sunday, in Sicilian villages, we were at the table from noon to 5-6 in the evening, followed by dinner. Everyone came in. My grandmother did pane cunzato:, the bread cut from the oven, garnished with olive oil, pecorino, oregano, anchovies, while the aunt was making tomato sauce and eggplant, the uncle was cooking artichokes on the fire, and the marinated meat was being cared for by another uncle. »Recipes և knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.

An entire family invites him to his restaurant menu, from Uncle Pascual’s cauliflower to an orange cake. mom Lina, passing by Papa Salvatore’s sausage, with the secrets of preparation prepared by the latter with jealousy. “I like to work with the most delicious products possible, but it is as simple as possible,” he concludes. A philosophy inspired by Italian cuisine, which he pays homage to in a book of 160 recipes from across the country.

We invite you to discover some of them through the menu, which consists of an aperitif consisting of four important points of traditional Italian dishes. Countermeasures (cold or hot appetizers), Prime Piat (pasta, risotto, soup), second piatti (meat և fish dishes with side dishes) և sweet (dessert):



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