Mercimek corbasi is a coral lentil soup (…)

Mercimek corbasi is a coral lentil soup (…)

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Mercimek corbasi is a Turkish coral lentil soup

Mercimek corbasi with its beautiful pink color ով arouses envy with pepper sitting on the surface. Used coral lentils are peeled red grains. Thus, they are easier to digest and cook faster than other varieties.

Carrots and tomatoes enhance the visual side. Onions and garlic bring out the taste of lentils. Aromatic herbs and peppers are variable. Some cooks add dried mint, others curry. The soup is usually mixed and offered in a large number of Turkish restaurants. It is served with bread and croutons.

Classic Turkish soup

Turkish cuisine includes several soups called çorba. They are consumed at any time of the day. Lentils of different colors are also used in the preparation of other soups. Sometimes they are mixed with pasta or potatoes. Making pepper, rice and lentils is a blast of taste.

Because lentils are bought in the dry state, these legumes are available all year round. So you do not have to wait for the cold season to enjoy a good mercimek corbasi.


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