No, pineapple pizza is not the worst “crime” against Italian cuisine, according to the Italians.

No, pineapple pizza is not the worst “crime” against Italian cuisine, according to the Italians.

Cream in carbonara, pasta with ketchup, pizza with pineapple, cheese with seafood… Italians provide us with recipes that are each more gourmet than the other, but our return visits also make them very nervous. The survey reveals the worst “crimes” committed against Italian cuisine, and the results will surprise you.

And no, pineapple pizza does not shock the Italians the most. Loan: Shutterstock

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Italian gastronomy is one of the best, if not the best, cuisines in the world. It is located in the Italian city, where you eat the best in the world, according to a ranking recently published by Tripadvisor. From pasta to pizza to juicy desserts like tiramisu, Italian recipes will surely delight us again and again. If for many they are sacred, և we must fully respect the codes of Italian gastronomy, others try more or less successful re-visits …

Often our culinary experiments tend to offend Italians. One might think that the worst betrayal would be pineapple pizza (as for the racquet purists who were disgusted when they saw this version of the pineapple racquet…), but that’s not the worst crime they say is against Italian cuisine. The Statistics Institute, YouGov, recently conducted a survey of more than a thousand Italians to find out:what were their worst gastronomic injuries?11 opportunities! Respondents were asked whether each recipewas it acceptable or not?«. Discover the worst attack of Italian cuisine – by cutting long pasta, putting cheese on seafood recipes, putting pineapple on pizza or even adding carbonated cream – the same, according to the Italians.

Pasta with ketchup, the worst crime against Italian cuisine.

It is the ketchup pasta that offends our Italian friends the most when it comes to reviewing their favorite gastronomy. Loan: Unsplash

Yes, you read that right! According to the Italians, the worst crime against their culinary traditions will be pouring ketchup in our pasta. If we (admit it) love this regressive dish, which is not a headache at all, Italians are more than offended by this plate, they consider it “unacceptable” by 89% (compared to 7% who consider it ” acceptable »): . If you are looking for easy և quick pasta recipes, forget about this attack on Italian gastronomy և enjoy our inspirations that will not make our Italian neighbors cry …

The worst culinary injuries, according to the Italians

Carbonara cream is only in the 6th place in the ranking of the worst “crimes” against Italian cuisine. Loan: Unsplash

In the second place, the Italians are most annoyed by the fact that “putting pasta in cold water at the beginning of cooking”. Pineapple pizza, it appears in the third tier of the chair of the worst crimes against Italian cuisine. Respondents find it “unacceptable” to consider “pasta as an accompaniment”, and then cutting long pasta, such as spaghetti or tagliatelle, is the fifth crime against their gastronomy.

We do not know about you, but we are surprised to see the cream in carbonara only in the 6th place in this rating. Let’s next.

– Cheese in seafood pasta recipes;
– At the end of cooking, wash the pasta with cold water;
– Drink cappuccino after eating;
– Do not add salt to pasta water;
– Accompany the pasta dish with garlic bread.

The survey, however, reveals differences of opinion according to generations. For example, older people find it more unacceptable to drink cappuccino after a meal than to add olive oil to pasta water, while young people think otherwise.

YouGov also conducted a survey on the same “crimes” in other countries, the results are quite surprising. We find that it is more torturous for Mexicans and Spaniards to cut pasta before cooking than for Italians. And for ketchup pasta in Indonesia, this dish is popular in Hong Kong.

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