Organic recipe.  coral lentils with organic Chilean spices

Organic recipe. coral lentils with organic Chilean spices

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Today there is a menu of vegetables containing delicious coral lentils. The secret of this recipe lies in the use of spices, և here the mixture of organic spices Chili Cook consists of cumin, sweet paprika, tomato, oregano, coriander, onion, hot paprika, garlic և cayenne pepper. Explosion of flavors is guaranteed.

Kitchen tip. Nothing beats fresh organic onions for cooking, but to eliminate the hassle, know that Cook offers organic onions with dried slices, which can be very practical. Just soak them in warm water for 15 minutes before adding them to the preparations.

Did you know?

The Cook brand is owned by Arcadie, a company based in Méjannes-lès-Alès, in the Gard department in the Occitanie region, which also markets the L’Herbier de France brand (organic herbal tea plant).


Since 1990, Arcadie, under the Cook և Herbier de France brand, has set itself the task of promoting the taste and value of organic spices, plants, while respecting the human environment. To find and order all the products, visit

Delfina Pocard’s recipe for cook


  1. Heat a drop of olive oil in a Dutch oven. Add boiled onion, red lentils և soy sauce. Fry for about thirty seconds.
  2. Add peeled tomatoes, water, cook grated carrot powder. To mix together.
  3. Cook over medium heat for about twenty minutes. Finally add coconut milk և continue to cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Accompany the preparation with finely chopped herbs. Enjoy the dal with noodles, rice or salad.


  • 250 g of organic coral lentils
  • 1 tablespoon organic onion in layers. Cook
  • 2 g / g organic soy sauce
  • 400 g organic peeled tomatoes (canned)
  • 80 kg of water
  • 2 teaspoons Cook the organic chili mixture
  • 2 grated organic carrots
  • 30 kg of organic coconut milk
  • a drop of organic olive oil

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