Our 5 best soup recipes for lunch

Our 5 best soup recipes for lunch

Soup cooking is a very good way to get through the winter smoothly. The chefs of Salut Bonjour present you their best recipes.

The comforting but satisfying soup, of course, was invented for the month of November. If it only takes a few minutes to warm up in the microwave or oven, it will definitely feed all the hungry babies who come home after a cold day.

Our best soup recipes.

1. Soup with meatballs Lunch

Who doesn’t love dumplings? Deliciously prepared homemade broth pork and beef meatballs will be served in less time than needed to clean the entrance.


Meatball soup recipe here:

2. Dinner soup with veal cutlet

Cooked in less than 40 minutes, this soup recipe is packed with fresh ingredients for lunch, including broccoli, mushrooms and ginger. The veal cutlet, lightly baked, will make you forget about the November dullness.

Cook it

Recipe for dinner soup with veal cutlets here:

3. Minestrone soup with ham և vegetables

Our chef suggests adding pieces of ham to the classic Minestro soup recipe. This nutritious soup-meal can be cooked in 30 minutes.


Minestro soup recipe with ham and vegetables here:

4. Asian dinner soup

This soup contains delicious ingredients such as fresh ginger, a mixture of five Chinese spices, spicy sauce. Each bite is a blast of taste.


Asian soup recipe here:

5. Chicken և caramelized onion soup

Chicken slices with boiled creamy white wine sauce will enhance the taste of caramelized onions.


Chicken և caramelized onion soup recipe here:

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