Porchetta, Torta Caprese … Discover 15 little-known Italian recipes that are the pride of shoes

Porchetta, Torta Caprese … Discover 15 little-known Italian recipes that are the pride of shoes

Italy և its regions have one of the richest gastronomies in the world. Check out 15 recipes you may have never heard of.

Italy – a country of pizza, pasta and risotto. Italian gastronomy is one of the most appreciated in the world, right for its flavors, which remind us of gold, the Mediterranean, Dolce Vita, as our Italian neighbors would say. Slightly similar to France, Italian cuisine stands out in terms of its regional-traditional recipes, which are mostly passed down from generation to generation. Pasta carbonara or pizza margarita recipes remain a staple of Italian cuisine, and some dishes are also worth noting, such as Vitello tonnato from Piedmont or even Neapolitan mussels. A short tour of Italy to discover these professions

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Porchetta is an Italian specialty that originated in the small town of Arichia in the Albano Hills near Rome. This mammal pork cooked on saliva is a real pleasure because it melts և brittle at the same time. The pork is first cleaned of bones, then stuffed with garlic, pepper and rosemary.

Neapolitan mussels

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It is not only in France that we value mussels. Indeed, Italy uses it, but in a slightly different way. One of the Neapolitan specialties – mussels sprinkled with garlic, lemon and tomato – are a real classic of the cuisine of Naples and its region, like impepata di cozze.

Caprese Cake:

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Torta caprese originates from the island of Capri in southern Italy. This cake, created by chef Carmin di Fiore in the mid-1920s, is basically a mistake. The cook forgot to add the flour. Very popular at that time, the cook reproduces his chocolate և almond cake. It is now one of the favorite desserts of Italians.

Pumpkin bouquets

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Pumpkin bouquets are a real Italian specialty. It is easy to prepare, soak pumpkin flowers in cookie dough before soaking them in oil. Ideal for eating under the sun, this dish, in addition to being delicious, also has a 100% vegetarian advantage.

Malloreddus with sardine pecorino

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Originally from Sardinia, malloredus is a gnocchi-like pasta. Sheep cheese is often found in this dish, which is a true symbol of the region. It is common to add tomato sauce with basil, grated pecorino cheese on top for a delicious meal.

Sicilian canon

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Traditional Sicilian desserts: canolises are associated with the carnival festival, the period when they are prepared. Italy’s most popular desserts are now eaten all year round all over Italy. The crunchy dough they make is reminiscent of cannelloni, all filled with ricotta and chocolate chips, but also with candied fruit to taste.


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Another Sicilian specialty, arancinis, is a tasty rice ball. A true heritage of several cultures (Arabic influence for rice աֆ saffron, Greek for cheese), these croquettes are an everyday Italian appetizer. You can find them on every street corner ցանկացած at any time of the day.

Papard with pork mushrooms

Credits: Lilia Kandrashich

Pasta և Italy, a hellish love story. True religion – Italian pasta is absolutely delicious. This is the case with parpadeli, this wide-bodied pasta reminiscent of tagliatelle cooked for a generous meal of pork with mushrooms, white wine, olive oil and grated parmesan.

Vitello Tonnato

Credits: Natasha Brin

Vitello tonnato is a dish that originates from the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This traditional dish is over 200 years old and is a real establishment on the other side of the Alps. This dish of veal with vegetables, cloves, anchovies and lead is a complex classic that requires real know-how.


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Another dessert made during the carnival – Chiacchiere – is a fried cake for the end of Lent. This dish, which originated in Roman times, is easy to make with dough made from egg flour, powdered with sugar, to make it look sweet. By the way, they were sold in the streets by priests with ivy crowns.

Roman Panzerotti

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Originally from Puglia, panzerotti are now enjoyed throughout Italy. This circulation is filled with mozzarella և ham before frying in lard (traditional) or oil (currently). The donut swells and is eaten cooked by hand for any occasion.

Spinach’s ricotta cannelloni

Credits: Alexander Prokopenko

Cannelloni, a famous Italian dish in France, has a roll. Then the dough is filled with meat, vegetables, but you can also fill it with ricotta, spinach for a fresh, original recipe. Ideal for a family dinner or a holiday.

Neapolitan Pasteur

Credits: Fabio Di Natale

Neapolitan cuisine is at the heart of Italian gastronomy. Pastiera is a dessert made on Holy Thursday, made with boiled wheat, ricotta and orange blossom, a real culinary myth. It also symbolizes the return of spring, a period of rich taste.

From Pizzoccheri Valtellina

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Pizzoccheri is a dish that originates from the Valtelina region of northern Italy. These pastas are cooked with Bitto, a cheese made exclusively from this region, with garlic to enhance the flavor, and olive oil. Pizza is mainly eaten during the winter in extreme cold.


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Castagnaccio is a brown cake made in several regions, such as Lombardy, Veneto or Tuscany. This fall recipe is easy to make with chestnut flour, pine nuts, walnuts, raisins and rosemary. It is very traditional, it is known to all Italians.

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