Prepare Easter recipes in advance

Prepare Easter recipes in advance

It: Easter: is usually time spent at a large table with family. Then we take advantage of the milder temperatures, the scary rays of the sun, and the first Sunday walks. But when we receive, to entertain the guests, we spend most of the time in the kitchen, preparing snacks, supervising the cooking of meat, checking the decorations, and finally taking care of desserts … so as not to hold all the parties. with the stove եք enjoy your guests և good weather, choose them Easter recipes.

Bet on the long-kept Easter appetizer

Make a bet to get the most out of his և Lunch’s guests Easter hosts to prepare for the day before ! They have the advantage of keeping them for a few days, they will save you time. Bet on meat, rabbit, lamb or veal to stay on topic. Another idea is snails The Easter snack is ready in advance և refined. In our recipe, snails are associated with a nuance of veal, mushrooms, spinach, herbs and pasta, not forgetting to accompany the pistachio vinaigrette sauce.

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Prepare Easter dishes in advance for a quiet celebration

For some Prepare Easter dishes in advance, you have a choice. Your best allies will be the slow cookers in the sauce. Stew beef cheeks, lamb shoulder confetti, tajini, baekeofe … These long-cooked dishes can be prepared the day before, just reheated before serving. Our recipe for lamb with olives and candied lemon can be easy to prepare the day before, so you can make the most of dinner և guests. You can also try a lamb pie, generous, friendly, or a little freshness by making rabbit jelly with pistachios and candied lemon.

Our Easter dessert ideas for the day before

On the sweet side you can go back to the Easter tradition, choose to make a brooch, a Easter dessert to prepare the night before as it is easily preserved: lamala (Alsatian Easter sheep), Muna, Pigeon … Do not forget the chocolate from other traditions. For you The Easter menu is ready in advanceRefuse cakes in the form of cakes or creams that need to be frozen. Think of eggs you can make on a floating island.

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