Saint-Palais.  first chef Errecart

Saint-Palais. first chef Errecart

Every Monday in May, the agri-food platform at Saint-Palais High School in Er-Pallet vibrated during the Top Chef qualifying sessions. The teams, consisting of three Christine Damesto 4eEA grade students, competed until this Monday, May 30, in the final, when the two finalists entered the track and were assisted by their semifinalist friends who reached the quarter-finals.

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It was on May 23 that each team received the theme of the grand finale to discuss recipes, decorations, presentations together … The competition featured tomato-based appetizers, chicken drumsticks, zucchini dishes, and sweet pastry desserts. .

Local products in the ingredients

Candidates have researched the internet, books, and recipes have been born thanks to the wisdom and kind advice of և amatsi, ayatsi or parents. The list of ingredients was then sent to their teacher, Christine Damesto, so that she could shop for as many local products as possible.

The menu for the team of Gaëtan Acacio, Servane Cerutti and Thomas Narbais was a basket of tomato-based gourmet baskets. Chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes, vegetables with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, followed by mascarpone cream cakes with strawberry and blueberry desserts.

The menu for the team of Mélanie Begu, Ava Caillat և Anaïs Ferreira consisted of cold tomato soup served in a stem cup; chicken with mustard sauce, homemade tagliatelle with zucchini, then chocolate cake garnished with raspberries / blueberries.

Aesthetics և taste

The jury consisting of 5 people, who had a difficult problem to decide between the two teams with aesthetic and taste, made their decision at 16:30. It was the team of Thomas Narbais (Lux-Sumberrow), Cervane Serruti (Arancu) and Gaetan Acacio. (Baigts-de-Béarn), who won the first edition of this Top Chef Errecart.

“I am very, very happy to see the work and progress of all these young people since the beginning of the year. Their work today is more meticulous, more thoughtful, more accomplished. “How nice to see them happy, ready to overcome their fears and boundaries,” said Christine Damesto proudly.

After the publication of the results, the jury congratulated all the students and presented them with a kitchen apron, and a big cookbook for the 3 winners.

Finalists: Thomas Bordato, Laura Caricaburu, Patsy Lbaccott, Dario Coelho-Pinto, Bruno Pochello, Guillaume Sagardo, Anthony Dusao, Sebastien Lafuente, Eneco Ibarracu Ramo.

All year round cooking courses

17 4th graders participated in the first Top Chef competition. From the beginning of the year, every Monday, they are given cooking lessons in groups, which are part of the Agricultural Product Transformation (EPI) (Interdisciplinary Practical Education). “We started the school year learning the basics of family cooking, then at Christmas we started a gourmet market project in high school, we ended the school year with this best chef,” explains their teacher, Christine Damesto.
Projects that allow young people to personally և invest in their “challenge” activities in groups.

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