Spring onion, the perfect companion to your recipes

Spring onion, the perfect companion to your recipes

In vegetable gardens, spring onions are often the first to show the tip of their delicate stem with a lively taste. It is a perennial plant that is cultivated for its aromatic hosts, which are called spring onions, onions or fistula garlic. Its flowers are like onion flowers, the stem is like a fresh onion։ leek. Its stems, which are much thicker than the onion, are also hollow, fleshy, very long (up to 40-50 cm). Its root forms a very elongated bulb, which merges with the rather pear-shaped stems of the onion.

Virtues և taste

Like all almonds, spring onion is a fabulous source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and vitamins, it is also an excellent diuretic and antibacterial agent. Spring onion helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Its taste is sweeter, more delicate than onion or onion, its herbal taste is quite lively. It would be a shame to limit it to a single register of aromatic plants, spring onions can also be substituted for vegetables, such as kish or ravioli.

Perfect for spices

It is better to eat spring onions raw, cut into thin slices and sprinkle on a plate as a final touch. It also smells good with spice oils. It awakens all summer dishes, such as rice or tomato salad, eggplant puree, omelet, hummus or even potato salad.

Like the ant at Monsieur de la Fontaine’s Fables, do not hesitate to collect all summer long. Chop the onion և and keep it in the box in the refrigerator to use during your rest “when the north wind comes”.

Ideas for tasting

Inspired by Catalan socks, small onions cooked on barbecue charcoal, from which the burnt crust is removed, the very delicate and melting interior is seasoned with tomato, almond sauce, chili, garlic, you can put whole spring onions on the pies. , pizzas և enjoy them well grilled.

It is also a perfect idyll with fried chicken. 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, add a few whole spring onions to the fried chicken juice and enjoy.

In my library

A very unusual book Barbus forever, 50 recipes with small onions By Natacha Arnult, photographed by Delfina Constantini. The book humorously touches on bearded vegetables (onions, leeks, garlic և onions), bearded, embossed hipsters (Editions de la Martinière, 160 p., € 19.90).



Ոխ Pancakes with onions

Spring onion, the perfect companion to your recipes

For 6 people

300 g of flour
160 g of water
12 spring onions
1 drop of olive oil
Finely salt և ground pepper

Put the flour in a bowl. Add 160 g of heated salted water to two pinches of salt at once. Mix quickly with a fork. Roll out the dough հուն knead for 2 minutes on the work surface, it is quite flexible և a little sticky.

Wrap in a layer և let the dough rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Chop the minced onion. Divide the dough into six parts. Roll each piece of dough quite thinly, sprinkle with finely chopped spring onions. Roll this crepe in sausage and wrap it in a snake. Repeat this coil to make a pancake. If the dough sticks a little too much, you can put the caterpillar between two sheets of parchment paper.

Fry spring onion pies on each side in a frying pan with a little oil (about 2 minutes) և enjoy them hot with raw vegetables or green salad.

► Rice soup with spring onions, mint և onion flowers

Spring onion, the perfect companion to your recipes

For 4 people

250g broken jasmine rice (high quality fragrant broken rice)
2 liters of chicken broth
3 branches of flowering onion
3 spring onions
4 sprigs of mint
1 lime
coarse salt

Wash the rice և Boil it in chicken broth, adjust the spice by adding a little coarse salt for about 45 minutes to get a porridge-thick rice soup.

Divide the rice soup into four cups or soup plates. Add finely chopped spring onion, mint leaves, onion flowers. Sprinkle with lime juice, enjoy this invigorating “light” flavored soup.

To make it a complete meal, you can supplement this soup with egg yolk, slices of ginger or cold meat, and finely chopped vegetables.


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