The butcher’s son’s good broth

The butcher’s son’s good broth

“Dum, for the broth, there…”
For everything related to food, as far back as I can remember, I always called Dum. He is the son of a butcher. He fell into food for a very short time.

Posted on December 27, 2021

Chicken, fish, sauce, cooking, choice of vegetables, where to find exotic spices, call Doum.

He used to cover Formula 1. I called her, heard her vroom-vroom watermark.

“I forgot about the chicken on the counter after shopping.

– How long?

– I do not know, three hours, three and a half hours.

– Through it.

In Vruuuu, in Vruuuu.

– GOOD. Where are you ?

– Kuala Lumpur, goodbye. »

Vrommm, in vrouuu.

Dum cooks, like everyone else, are at war. One day he took over the oyster party at my house. He cooked oysters with cheese and breadcrumbs. Then there was the ceiling decoration, but they were the best oysters ever eaten by any guest.

Once upon a time, in Mexico, he made chocolate chicken, if I remember correctly, it is a local profession. There was chocolate everywhere, even in the curtains, but it was a triumphant dinner on a plate.

“I never manage to burn the steak like the people on the stove.

– Do you have a barbecue?

– It does not work.

Wow, wow.

– Well, cook the empty pan in the oven for 15 minutes.

“Is it a donut?”

– It will be hot after cooking, be careful not to burn yourself.

– And?

“And then you put your steak on the fire.

In Vruuuu, in Vruuuu.

– Where are you ?

– At Spa-Francorchamps.

– Where is it?

“In Belgium.” »

I always say that food is like repair. You need tools,: someone needs to show you the basics. Then you build on it. As a child, my mother introduced me to cooking, cooking basic items such as steak, pasta, and broccoli, while I kept to myself while she worked at the hospital “at 4 o’clock at night” in the evening shift.

And when I met Dum 30 years ago in college, he took me to the next level…

My mother, by the way, called him her youngest.

Then I և argued a little, of course, through my own great fault, because sometimes I could be quite crazy. It took me several years to say all this until the mayonnaise resumed between the butcher’s son և me’s when I finally saw the light և I made a mea culpa.

So I recently called Dum. “For the broth, there….”

I do not spoil chicken broth, I do not say it to brag. I’m the kind of person who keeps chicken carcasses and bones in the fridge with carrots and celery to make broth if needed. I even bought a huge pot with a built-in strainer to make broth easier. Hop, throw everything in the freezer, add a little salt, let it weaken …


But something told me that Dum must have some secret recipe to take my chicken broth to the next level, maybe even legendary. Dum does everything better than me (in the kitchen, anyway). So I called the butcher’s son to see if I could buy some of his broth.

“You’re at home?


– I’m coming. »

And Dum reached my kitchen, he had an hour and a half to kill before he got his third dose. Before spraying my chicken carcasses with spices, salt and herbs, before throwing them in the oven, half a bulb of dill. »

And while the chicken was frying at 400, the butcher’s son poured the butter into the pan before adding the carrots, celery and onion. And a few cloves of garlic.

I, I opened a bottle of wine, admired it, as the craftsman admires in his element.

Then I took out a wooden spoon.

“Well, I’m a bra …

– No! Click on anything! It must stay! »

Leave the vegetables to cook, even the frozen vegetables, before removing, leave them to stick to the bottom of the pan for a while and leave them to fry for a while …

“And then, we are going to wipe with water …

– Why?

“That’s what juices will bring.”

We did the same with a pan containing chicken, glazed it with water եցինք filled the liquid in a boiling pot with vegetables և chicken և

The race score in a few hours. Thanks to Dum, I made the best chicken broth of my life.

The life lesson of about fifty years old, at the dawn of 2022. save your chicken carcasses, make soup with your own broth և develop your old friendships. it’s like chicken carcasses, don’t waste them.

My friend Dominic Fugère broth recipe

So on Friday I suggested saving your turkey carcasses, carrots, celery, dill և spices for this column.

Here is the recipe. Adjust the quantities to the size of your boiler.


In your largest saucepan, add a quarter cup of butter: olive oil. Add two large onions, 2-3 carrots, if possible with 2-3 celery stalks, 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Cut everything rough.

Cook over high heat until everything is red.

Let it stick for a while, then wipe with half a glass of water. Let the water evaporate, then the vegetables will stick to the bottom of the pan again. You can repeat the coloring cycle two or three times.


Sprinkle the bones և the chicken carcass with olive oil, salt and pepper in a dripping pan. Add herbs. And put half a bulb of dill under the chicken. Bake for 30-45 minutes at 400 ° F until it turns chocolate in places.

Dissolve the dripping pan with water, put everything in the pan containing the vegetables – dill, chicken carcass – bones, as well as the glazing liquid. Add water.

Season with salt and pepper to taste (all flavors are natural).

Bring to a boil, then after 5 minutes lower the heat to medium to cook.

Boil for three hours, add water as needed, do not allow it to decrease too much.

Sift it through a sieve.

It freezes easily.

It will give a good broth to your soups.

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