The difference between cream, velvet, soup – Marie Claire

The difference between cream, velvet, soup – Marie Claire

It is not always easy to find your own way in a huge gastronomic lexicon, even with simple recipes like soup. If we usually use these terms without distinguishing them, there are differences that describe them. So, we all go into detail to improve your culinary culture differences between creams, velvet և soups և.

What is soup?

Soup is a general term that today includes all hot or cold preparations made from chopped or mixed vegetables. There are two types of soups.

  • Pure soups that include broth և broth.
  • Connected soups, which are concentrated preparations of cream, egg yolk, starch, etc. These include velvet soups, creams, puree soups, backstage, cookies, etc.

What is the difference between ‘soup’ and ‘soup’?

Soup is a very old recipe, we find traces of its text from the 17th century. At one time it referred to “food cooked in a pot”, especially vegetables. Over time, the term soup has gradually lost its original meaning, becoming more widely accepted as we know it today.

As for the soup, its story is quite similar. In the beginning, soup was a piece of bread mixed with hot broth (sauce), but over time, its meaning also changed.

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Soup and soup, therefore, have had different meanings for a long time, but today their meaning is the same – a recipe based on water և mixed vegetables. It should be noted, however, that the soup is more liquid than the soup, as its recipe includes more water and broth. The soup, it contains pieces, can be prepared with water, but also with milk or beer. After all, soup differs from soup in some of its specialties, such as onion soup or minestrone.

What is velouté?

Traditionally, velvet is cooked with soaking. In this case we use butter, flour և hot broth, to which we add a little liquid cream և egg yolk. Because the egg yolk bond is delicate, velvet recipes can sometimes vary. The first criterion of good creaminess is its dimension. All you need is a little fresh cream or cornstarch.

What is cream?

If you understand what velouté is, it will be much easier to recognize the cream. Why? Since cream is a soup without egg yolk, so the soup is based on white butter և cream.

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