Waterzooï.  soup that captured the hearts of Belgians

Waterzooï. soup that captured the hearts of Belgians


Waterzooï.  soup that captured the hearts of Belgians

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It is a dish that sticks and warms the body. In Belgium, waterzooï, the country’s special soup, delights the taste buds of Belgians. In the past, the food of the poor, the water park, is now eaten as a holiday dish to share with the family.

It can be found in all the good shops of Brussels. that w:aterzooï, a very creamy dish that warms up in winter. “It is not a national dish, but we are not far from it.”says the customer. The w:atterzooi: vs.First of all, it is a family dish. In the Juris family, Eric, the father, is a professional. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation. Flemish: waterzooi means “water in boiling “. Thus, the principle is simple. All the food should be cooked together in a big pot. “It’s a fully integrated dish, if you can say, you can not say, ‘I do not like a portion,’ it’s all or nothing.”says Eric.

In the family: JorisThe dish presents festive moments – Christmas or New Year. The Belgians make this soup with chicken or fish. He is in Ghent (Belgium) that the dish was born. On the roof: Jean Philippe WatneyThe cook prepares his harvest for the day. He prepares w:atterzooi: with fish. But instead of cooking everything in a saucepan, he heats every meal in a pan to avoid it overcooking. The kitchen of the old soup, then, has become a put: refined.

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